Free and open source amatuer rocketry telemetry and tracking.
An encrypted chat program for those that don't know crypto. No software to install or accounts to register.
An Arduino-based interactive LED lighting project.
An Android library project for embedding Mozilla's Gecko into third-party Android applications.
Allows webpages to read/write Android contacts in Firefox for Android.
An Arduino relay control server and Android client.
A realtime CATA bus locator iOS app.
An autonomous robot built using an iRobot Create and Microsoft Kinect and C library for controlling the iRobot Create.
Uninstall unwanted Android apps after a set time period.
Set the volume of an Alsa channel from another computer or Android device.
An LED accent lighting project controllable from your computer.
A quick and dirty Python script to sync local XSPF and M3U playlists to Google Music.
A simple arbitrary length Pi calculator. 10 million digits and counting.
Magnetic card event check-in system for Penn State ACM.
Webpages to help chemistry students understand atomic orbitals.
Homework, syllabus, and e-textbook Drupal modules for online chemistry courses.
A Drupal programming competition module for the Penn State ACM.
A simple, proof of concept *NIX shell.
A short, proof-of-concept RSA and AES encryption program with OpenSSL.