A collaborative database of all public, private, and unmapped airports in the US.
Free and open source amatuer rocketry telemetry and tracking.
An encrypted chat program for those that don't know crypto. No software to install or accounts to register.
An Arduino-based interactive LED lighting project.
An Android library project for embedding Mozilla's Gecko into third-party Android applications.
Allows webpages to read/write Android contacts in Firefox for Android.
An Arduino relay control server and Android client.
A realtime CATA bus locator iOS app.
An autonomous robot built using an iRobot Create and Microsoft Kinect and C library for controlling the iRobot Create.
Uninstall unwanted Android apps after a set time period.
Set the volume of an Alsa channel from another computer or Android device.
A simple arbitrary length Pi calculator. 10 million digits and counting.
Magnetic card event check-in system for Penn State ACM.
A Drupal programming competition module for the Penn State ACM.
A simple, proof of concept *NIX shell.
A short, proof-of-concept RSA and AES encryption program with OpenSSL.