Legal issues

Entry into the steam tunnel complex below Penn State is ILLEGAL! We here at PSU Steam are not encouraging you to enter them in any way. Entry is considered trespassing, and often times breaking and entering. PSU Steam provides information about these tunnels with the understanding that they will be used only for personal knowledge and research, not as a means to go in. If you do go in, it is at your own risk, and with the knowledge that we here at PSU Steam have informed you not to enter.

No persons related to this web page have EVER entered these or any other areas that are off limits. All information, pictures, and videos were compiled from other web pages that are either no longer online, or have become outdated or inactive, or were submitted by anonymous persons. is not responsible for the content of this site, and neither it, nor any people related to it are responsable for it's content. It is a COMPLETELY diffrent site, and is only using for web space.

The only people allowed in are those who have been sent in with the approval of Penn State and all other related authorities. In the event of a fire, even the firefighters have to get permission. Only a half-dozen or so people who work for the Physical Plant itself are allowed to enter without permission, and that is only for routine maintenance and repair.

Heat, Asbestos, sharp edges, and heavy objects that could fall on you are all lurking in the depths of these tunnels. They are far from any help, and even the smallest injury can easily become life-threatning because of the lack of communication with people outside. If you got stuck down there, you could easily die.

All trip reports are posted without any affiliation with the people who have done them. No one involved in the PSU Steam web site are responsible for what these people or anyone else have done or will do in these tunnels. Any reference that should connect the PSU Steam with these actions is to be regarded as fictional, and only there to make the site look, run, sound, and appear more interesting or more efficient.

All images that are taken are outside the jurisdiction or influence of the PSU Steam webpage, and are simply posted on the web site to show what these tunnels look like. They are in no way meant to silicate entry, but to provide viewers with the satisfaction of seeing what they look like without doing anything illegal themselves. All pictures, stories, information, trip reports, or any other form of media on the PSU Steam has been provided by anonymous persons and posted without any affiliation or screening for illegal material.

Despite popular belief, we are in no way affiliated with another web site named the Penn State Underground.

With this in mind, precede to the rest of the PSU Steam web site.